Why Hire Us

Some key reasons to retain us:
  • Experience: This isn’t our first bond or levy. In fact we have had a client on the ballot in every election for the past 8 years.   We bring years of hard earn experienced to the table to help you avoid making common and avoidable mistakes and implement proven winning strategies
  • Creativity: We bring a creative agency approach to the products that tell your bond or levy story. Just because a public agency is producing materials, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!
  • Research Based: We strongly believe in using quantitative research, facts and modern tools to understand your electorate to hone your message, stay on track and guide your strategies.
  • Value: When evaluating the return on investment for quality public affairs strategy and implementation the numbers tell the story. Investing in great public affairs strategy is akin to investing a penny and getting back a $100 bill. On even the most well funded information campaigns, great communications and public affairs strategy cost between 0.0001 to 0.001 percent of the total bond dollars they help to raise.