Bill Bradbury for Secretary of State

The Campaign

Wright Public Affairs took over the race in July of 2000 with Bradbury trailing badly in the polls.  Bradbury went on to raise over a million dollars in 3 months (a record at the time) and eventually won the seat by 4 percentage points in a Republican wave year.

The Highlights
  • Reversed a  5 point deficit in the polls to win by 4 points.
  • Lead campaign commercial universally lauded as ground-breaking and eventually awarded a Pollie for excellence.
  • Broke all fundraising records for Oregon Secretary of State races
  • Bradbury elected to introduce Oregon Delegation at the 2000 Democratic National Convention.
The Numbers
  • Dem Bill Bradbury              49.4%
  • Rep Lynn Snodgrass           44.5%
  • PAC Lloyd Marbet             4.4%
  • Lib  .E.J. (Ed) Pole, II           1.7%